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By eriknben10
Do you have any credit left? You expressed interest in real estate as an example. Borrow the damn money and let someone else pay the mortgage for you. In 8 years it will virtually pay for itself. You say you can't do any work yourself for repairs if I'm reading you correctly. The figure I use is 12% for repairs, even though I do my own, one day I might not be able to. That account can't be touched except for repairs. In other words you don't operate like the government! If you fail, sell it and find something else or try again with what you learned from the mistake you made.
Not enough credit? Find a friend or family member you trust and go partners. You can make it happen. Quit running around wagging your tail waiting for the next bone and belly rub.
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By eriknben10
Here, try one of these new Salmon jerky. :lol:
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By Phaedrus
eriknben10 wrote:
norton wrote:The leftists like Stinky Pete, Crowbird and the other one,, on here sound like old Nazis who missed and lamented Hitler's demise in 1946. -------- Obama had so undermined our nation and culture that anyone who has intentions of putting us on course has their full distain. Note also that they literally have nothing else to do in their small life but post on GoAston. :?

I'd imagine if their employers knew they spent so much time on their phones they might be looking for employment. At least they would be free of the chains that bind them.

Just for fun I looked at the posting statistics. I post at an average rate of 2.24 posts per day. That's an average. Some days it might be 4-6 and then nothing on other days. Even 6 does not take me much time.

I am the number 2 poster in terms of posts per day. Guess who is number 1. Look in the mirror, 2.73 posts per day. :shock: :lol:
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By eriknben10
And your point is? I suppose if I were chained to a day job with a boss and dependent upon it for survival that would matter.
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By norton
Crowbird23 wrote:You are as big of a butt hole as he is.

---actually you (Crowbird23) are duped by the Leftist media and "entertainment" industry.