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By eriknben10
This is one I snapped two years ago.
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By Stinky Pete
It looked like that one. I had lots of time to study it, because it flew down Barren road in front of me. I had to slow down and wait for it to eventually get out of the way.

eriknben10 wrote:This is one I snapped two years ago.
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By JuneCarter
Had a fountain with fish in it on my deck in Toby Farms many moons ago. My house backed up to a park with a nice creek. Heron would eat the fish out of the fountain all of the time. Also saw a coyote in that park. Only time I've ever seen a coyote up North.
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Had one sitting on my fence a while back. I see them flying up and down Chester creek fairly often. Watched one pick a fish out of the creek that runs next to the wind tunnel at work. Saw a very healthy coyote while walking the trail last week between Knowlton rd and Mt Alverno also saw a blue heron standing on a log in the middle of the creek. I was at a bond fire with the guys at 2SP when a coyote ran across the back parking lot. Looks malnourished. What I never see any more are pheasants.
Lots of blue heron down the beach they steal the minnows out of my minnie bucket along with the king fishers, osprays and otters. Damn otters can be up to 4ft long and will chase me right off my dock. Saw a 5ft shark one night swim right past the dock and down the canal. We friggin swim there all the time. Never told my wife or daughter about that. Came across dolphin #56 one day behind Sea Isle while on the boat came right up next to boat stuck his head out of the water 10 ft away and had a nice little conversation with my dog Cooper. Damnest thing I ever saw.