By 50 plus
For those who don’t follow APD on Facebook, cars in the area of Scheivert and Edgar have been broken into. One car on Scheivert was stolen as it warmed up. I see a lot of people on my street doing that.

Now today I read that a car was broken into at a rail trail lot. They didn’t say which one but I’m assuming Knowlton.
By 50 plus
Call about a break in in progress at Dutton Mill and Pancoast. Get away car was found in 7-11, same car stolen from Scheivert. Two 16 yr olds from guess where.
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By JuneCarter
There is surveillance of two people breaking in to cars in Brookhaven. I don't know how to post the video here but it appears to be two young white males. I hope they get caught too!
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By norton
Just read on Facebook a Pickup truck was stolen today in Norwood.
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By Boro Friend
I would think that any heads up that may keep people focused on their surroundings wherever they go , should be appreciated
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