The one by the post office. Ordered and paid for a birthday cake for Dec. 24th. The sign in the store says Christmas Eve hours 11-7. Verified when ordering, "You're open until 7:00 right? I have to work". "Yes, we're open until 7:00". Left a phone number with the order.

Showed up at 5:45, and they were closed. Try finding a last minute ice cream cake on Christmas Eve for a birthday party.
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The owner gave my relative who paid for the cake her money back, and $30 in gift cards. He said the girls were there until 7:00 (they weren't). Also, there was no cake to be found, even two days later, so multiple things went wrong.
Meh, shyt happens.

One time I stopped in there (old owners I think) after my son had some problems with bullies. The owner asked him what happened. He saw my son had been crying. He gave him a pep talk and samples of new flavors of ice creams.