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By Stinky Pete
If the trail is in Middletown, why is Aston paying to paint the trestle?

Streetscaping on Pennell or Concord is a waste of time and money. Those streetlights aren't even noticeable in among all the utility poles and wires.
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By Wrench97
7,000,000 for a garage to park fire trucks in????
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By eriknben10
Stinky Pete wrote:
Wrench97 wrote:7,000,000 for a garage to park fire trucks in????

They're not even starting from scratch.

Would only be $6M starting from scratch.

10 years ago the township I lived in built one for just under $5M.
By 50 plus
I think a ladies auxiliary cooked for the firehouse when they rented. Chi has an excellent caterer. I notice many Aston organizations have their parties and dinners in Chi when we have places in Aston that could use the support. A nice banquet hall would be a good thing since we never got that hotel.