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Ryan wrote:The story is very clear now. This is what draining the swamp looks like.

The Dems decided they wanted to cheat, so they engaged the Obama admin who once again deployed the instruments of government to execute a plan. (that's what they were talking about on the tarmac). The scum in the DOJ and FBI were recruited by Obama/Clinton, some on a promise of future employment after Broom Hilda won and some paid in straight cash.

So they set out to "listen in" on the opponent using the FISA court. After a few failed attempts by FBI to secure a warrant, Hillary and the DNC threw some cash at the problem ($6 million) and recruited a foreign national with Russian connections to fabricate false stories about Trump. Then the FBI and DOJ used the un-validated information to supplement their previously failed FISA attempts and LIED to the court about it's credibility by misrepresenting the same source as 2 independent corroborating sources to trick the court into allowing wiretapping the Trump campaign.


This is what the newly announced Sessions investigation will reveal. Obama left overs are going to jail. So should and Hillary and Obama, but we may never get there. Thanks to 8 years of Obama, our government degraded into a 3rd world politically corrupt regime that attempted more than once to use it's political power to use the instruments of government as a weapon against it's political opponents.

It really does all make sense, considering Obama was never really an actual American, even if he could prove it on a technicality. I knew it as soon as I saw him throw a baseball. No American boy throws like that. You can take the red diaper communist kid out of Indonesia but you can take the communist out of the kid.

I said it 10 years ago that we can't be beat at war but the Russians and big money from the east can buy a president to help tear us down, That was Obama.
By Phaedrus
I love that Ryan already knows what the newly announced probe by Mr. Magoo will reveal. I also like Carson's office furniture.

You guys crack me up. Speaking of crack, have you seen 50 Cent throw a baseball?

Do you think Obama getting nothing but net from almost mid-court had a certain Indonesian style? By the way, they do play baseball in Indonesia, but why would we expect a zenophobe like Ryan to know that?
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By Ryan
Don't worry, you'll see soon enough. And I'll be back to remind you.

yeah he's a baller in his mom jeans. Can't golf, can't bowl either. He did not grow up American, no matter what you think. He doesn't even like America.
Let's see, I'll make a list of all Indonesian baseball players in MLB (ever):
1. Tom Mastny (grew up in Indiana)
Image ... =Indonesia

Did you know Donald Trump was born in Jamaica? really, look it up...jack ass
By Phaedrus
Ryan, you are so pathetic. I thought you were just joking with the baseball thing, but you actuallydo measure Americans by how they throw a baseball.

When Obama first ran for office everyone knew there were racists like you who would question his Americanism based on whether he lived outside the country for any length of time. So please give us the racist perspective on how long an American is allowed to live outside the country. I remember Romney was asked to show his proficiency with French and refused because he knew what people like you are like.
By Leginald
Obama was a dictator, Trump is an innocent victim & he's gonna hold the govt in check with his handgun collection. Yeah, I think it's safe to say he's a dummy.
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