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By breitak67
I've never heard anyone tell an "off-shoring-to-India" story with a happy ending. It's too hard to off-shore - it requires much better project management skills and discipline to have success, and the skill of on-shore dev resources can compensate for (hide) poor project management. Too many companies don't even realize they aren't skilled enough to off-shore successfully. Combine that with recent studies showing that although India has made software a national career goal, only a small percentage of Indian software engineers are actually competent to do professional-quality dev work. In fact, in past I've worked for companies that were in the process of massive "repatriation" efforts, where major (unbelievably costly) failures caused them to abandon the illusory cost savings of off-shoring.
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By Stinky Pete
breitak67 wrote:I've never heard anyone tell an "off-shoring-to-India" story with a happy ending.

Yes. That's a running joke at work. They do this all the time. They think we're stupid. Here was the best one. There was a bonus program in place each June. Admittedly, it was poorly designed. I was getting 35% of my salary as a bonus every June, and the company would have pretty much had to go out of business for me to not get 35%.

They discontinued that bonus, and the reason they gave was that they received a lot of feedback from employees that they wanted the bonus fixed. Yes, we were all complaining about a guaranteed 35% after 7 years of employment. That was maybe 10 years ago, and we still laugh about it.