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By eriknben10
This was the day before the Florida shooting and the NRA debacle. Leads me to believe it is a lot more to the tax story than the media is telling at this point. ... -fuel-tax/
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By Stinky Pete
eriknben10 wrote:The back story starting to look like Georgia had plans to nix the tax break before the controversy. Could it be the media want's to push their narrative.

I'm going with "no", unless the media made up this quote:

Georgia Lt Gov. Casey Cagle, who is running for governor as a Republican this year, pushed back against Delta’s decision on Monday, saying in a tweet: “I will kill any tax legislation that benefits @Delta unless the company changes its position and fully reinstates its relationship with @NRA. Corporation cannot attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back.”
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By eriknben10
That was a mere distraction and another political maneuver. Why were schools and those kids protesting long before the shooting? They sure as hell didn't make up the news stories before the shooting did they? It looks to me like they had the tax break years ago and got rid of it as the economy got better. It also appears that the money they were using for the tax break then was funneled into the failing schools. In comes a new proposal to give the break back to Delta and the push back from the schools said hell no we need that money to fix the schools. The Dems in the state were against the tax break until the shooting and the Delta/NRA debacle because it hurt the schools. There is a lot the media is not telling that the stories I have read tell about the entire debate on this subject and it started before the shooting. Since the shooting however the story and the ultimate narrative has took a different road and a whole new meaning.

I also read a story where Gov. Nathan Deal told Delta not to worry he would find another way to get them the tax break. I can't find that one but will post if I find it again.
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By eriknben10
It goes even deeper if you see that Atlanta and Delta made this agreement back in April 2016. Was this tax break the media is squawking about part of that 20 year deal? ... p-for.html
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By norton
Good one and true-
Let's see if I've got this straight.....
If we get Nuked, it'll be by;
Missiles built with technology given to China
by Bill Clinton, funded by Iran with
money Obama gave them,
with warheads developed from Uranium sold to Russia
by Hillary and
refined by Iran into weapons-grade plutonium in Russian
centrifuges bought with money Obama gave them.

And Trump's trying to undo this storm......but
he's the Traitor.

OK, I GOT it.
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