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Sounds like something akin to the storming of the Bastille will happen tomorrow night at the commissioners meeting. Groundswell of citizens against the two apartment/townhouse projects. Are the powers licking their lips hoping the snow will keep people away or will they announce a postponement? What do our Lords have against over 55 projects? They think a mobile home park is enough for the fastest growing population? Best of both worlds. Taxes and no strain on the school system. But then again, when it’s time for them to retire Maris Grove and the like will welcome them while they laugh at all the suckers still in Aston. Call me a skeptic.
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By 50 plus
Seems “just Aston” topics don’t bring out the posters who say 5hey left because of Trump bickering.

If anyone is interested the meeting tonight was postponed until next Wed.
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By Wrench97
Which projects are we protesting?
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By breitak67
I lived in Aston for a bit over 25 years after finishing school. I really liked my neighborhood and my neighbors. I made some great lifelong friends. During the last 5 or 10 years, though, I just became fed up with the congestion and noise. As more and more of my friends and neighbors moved away I became distanced from the neighborhood. I lost my anchors to the community. In the end it was my wife who really put the pressure on to move away. She wanted a quiet place where we can't see or hear neighbors. She also wanted a large place with a wooded acre or two where it actually gets dark at night. There are some ways in which it is less convenient. Giant was minutes away; now it's a 25 minute drive. There is only 1 restaurant that delivers here - if you want take-out you need to drive 25 minutes each way. We're stuck with Comcast because Verizon FIOS doesn't serve this area. But I would gladly give up these conveniences for the quiet privacy of our current home. I appreciate the time I spent in Aston (half of my life), and I have a lot of happy memories that I made there, but I don't miss it and I have zero regrets about leaving.
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Since my daughter, husband and only 2 grand children moved to Florida a year and a half ago my wife has been bugging to buy a place in their area of Palm City. For a year I was like no way, not doing it. The kids are 5 and 8. My wife flies down fairly often since she retired in June. The only way we can both go is to drive since we have to take Cooper our dog. We were down over the holidays and I must say that I really enjoyed the area and the weather. I would get up around 6-7am and head over to Henderson Island where they have multiple areas up and down the beach with public parking with nice bathrooms. I would drag my beach chair, tackle bag, rods and sand spikes over the dune and set up on a nice stretch of beach. Some days we would all go and others I'd go by myself. The beaches are nothing like Jersey you may only see another 10-20 people. The fishing was great Pompano, bluefish and black tip shark. If I had my boat I could be fishing just a short distance off the beach for sailfish, wahoo, and many other species.
There are many great restaurants, and micro breweries in the area. So it changed my mind. Plus the fact that we are missing our grand children grow up. So when my wife was there two weeks ago she found the perfect place on Henderson Island in a recreational community and we went for it. I'll have a boat slip in the communities marina the beach is within walking distance or a short ride in your golf cart. So I'll be snow birding for awhile. Then most likely selling the Aston home. No more snow for me.