Well we all know Trump is pegged with his own problems. But this snow screen was all l designed to avert attention away from Mrs. Clinton and destroy the guy who threatens the pat down ,ever more progressive , left leaning establishment that is surely sinking the nation. The Democrat party has become a looney tune basket case. And a majority of the press is right there stuffed in the basket with them.
It doesn't matter because in 12 years the world is going to end anyway ,unless we stop killing ducks in order to make duct tape.
Because like it or not most of his polices are good for the country and he is the wall that keeps us from going over the edge. If you want a better candidate, run one. But you are going to have to look past those idiots the press is in love with. I never witnessed so many stupid demagogues assembled in one congress.
The Turd takes the word of Putin,Kim,and the monster in Saudi Arabia is horrible.I find it impossible to back a person who can do that.He has destroyed the fabric of what made our country great.He denies climate change and seems to have no regard for the rule of law. I see a draft dodger and a. Man who has been involved with the Russian mob for years.I look at backers of the Turd as greedy members of a cult.I am proud to say I can not stand up for a person with his principles.
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By norton
President Trump is a reprieve and only hope this nation and culture has. The powerful Left is waiting in the wings to continue the destruction of this once great land and for millions the only hope possible. Freedom is not free and historically, only continues until undermined by fools and the powerful Big Government Elete.
lol, well Cowbird you must have loved Clinton's morals and Obama's pay out to Iran , just two of many examples. Personally I really don't like Trump but his fiscal polices are good for the county, whether you want to admit it or not. To start with, he is not a socialist.
JuneCarter wrote:Like the Benghazi hearings?

How about the emails? Comes out today the FBI was told to stand down on Clinton.
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