Looks like there is little left of GA. There is a noticeable echo. There is probably nothing happening worth discussing, anyway, amiright? Did they ever finish that traffic circle at 5 points? Did they ever straighten out that business surrounding the residential property the township purchased off Weir road? Is the old Blockbuster location at Dutton’s Mill still vacant? How about the Shop-N-Bag?
Hello. It's been a few years for me too. I used to enjoy coming to these boards to read and sometimes partake in the sparring. This was a place that was a microcosm of the what is happening now on the larger scale. Rarely, if ever, did I see someone change their mind or opinion because of what someone on these boards was "selling". Now I see it through social media and television daily. Most people seem they just want to scream that their way is the only way which is nothing new but it's so much more audible.

To answer some of your questions: No circle at 5 points. Still looks the same as you probably remember. Blockbuster is now a beer distributor. Shop and Bag became a retro gym.

It's been so long for me that I forgot my username. I do remember there was some good people on here while I was active. Maybe they've moved on? Maybe some have passed away? Maybe some have gotten tired of tripping over the same rock so they've found a new path around it?

Be well 67.