By Penny
A regular meeting of the Parkside Borough Council was held in the Borough Council Chambers located at 22 E. Elbon Road, Parkside, PA on the above date. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Council President Douglas Bull. Following the Pledge of Allegiance the roll was called with the following in attendance:
Messrs: Gordon Bull Engineer Catania
Howell McCollum Solicitor Wills
Stamis Treasurer Possenti
Secretary Higgins

Vice President Purcival, Councilman Capobianco and Councilwoman Conlin were unable to attend and did notify the Secretary prior to the meeting.

Mr. McCollum made a motion, seconded by Mr. Howell, to adopt the Minutes of the 12/17/14 meeting, as submitted; motion carried.

At this time in the meeting, President Bull did read Resolution No. 1736 honoring Mr. Arthur Smith for his service as crossing guard at Edgmont Avenue and Forestview Road. Mayor Gordon did present the framed Resolution to Mr. Smith.
Mr. Stamis made a motion, seconded by Mr. Howell, to adopt Resolution No. 1736 thanking and honoring Mr. Arthur Smith for his dedicated service to the residents of Parkside Borough; motion carried.

Correspondence Report: (Linda Higgins)
The following funds were received during the month of December 2014:
1) License & Inspections $ 5,189.00
2) Recorder of Deeds 887.88
3) Borough Hall Rental 300.00
4) P.D. Reports/parking tickets (ammo) 293.00
5) North Central Hwy – Aggressive Driving 552.04
6) State Police Fines 440.50

Tax Collection
Tax Collector – Ed Fisher 5,684.16
Tax Claim Bureau 853.32

Regional Court
District Court 237.89
Total income for December 2014 = $ 14,437.79
(Total does not include EIT/LST Tax)

The Secretary read an announcement from the Delaware County Association of Boroughs regarding their first Board of Directors Meeting for 2015. It will be held on January 29, 2015 at the Upland Borough Hall, Main Street and Castle Avenue in Upland.

The Secretary read a letter from Brian Razzi, Chairman of the Delaware County Animal Protection Board informing the Borough that the stray animal fee will increase in 2015 from $250.00 per animal to $275.00 per animal. A 2015 retainer in the amount of $ 1,375.00 was invoiced to the Borough.

Mr. Howell did request that President Bull write a letter to the Animal Control Board or Chester County SPCA regarding billing. The Borough would like to receive information regarding strays from our Borough that are claimed so that the owners can be billed the money the Borough had to spend.

Mayor’s Report: (Ardele Gordon)

Total calls for the month of December 2014 = 163. Leading categories: assist other police agencies – 21; domestic disturbances – 13; fights – 10. Total traffic violations = 120. Leading categories: speeding in school zone – 26; red traffic signals – 21; stop sign violations – 16. Offenses reported: criminal mischief – 5; theft – 3; fraud – 2. Offenses cleared – 2. Arrests – 2. Total non-traffic offenses – 5.

President’s Report: (Douglas Bull)

President Bull indicated he thinks Council should consider a work session (Caucus) prior to Council Meetings to discuss items to be voted on at the next Council Meeting. These meetings could be monthly, quarterly, etc. according to what Council determines would be best.

President Bull found that there are a few Grants available that the Borough could apply for. Ms. Catania suggested Council keep their eyes open for property to be acquired for open space.

Public Safety Report: (Dave Favinger)

Fire Marshal – Mr. Favinger conducted 76 rental inspections and 6 Use & Occupancy inspections for the month. He investigated 3 house fires (not within Parkside boundaries) during the month. He attended 10 hours of training on Arson Seminar at State College. 2015 rental mailings will be going out early February 2015.

Code Enforcement – The following properties were addressed during the month:
25 W. Roland Road – ice in driveway and sidewalk
208 E. Roland Road – water leak in basement

2607 Arlington (fire hazard – hoarder conditions)
221 E. Avon Road – putting trash from Chester on Parkside side of street

License & Inspections – 10 building, 3 electrical and 2 plumbing permits were issued for the month.

Police Report: (Shirley Purcival)

Mr. Howell made a motion, seconded by Mr. McCollum, authorizing a donation in the amount of $300 for the Police Unity Tour in which Officer Robert Cleary will
participate; motion carried.

Public Works/Buildings & Grounds Report: (Mary Conlin)

Ryan Cornog performed the following duties during the month:
Borough Hall – general cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, empty trash and recycling
Borough Properties – picking up litter and emptying trash cans
Woodlot – cleaning off walking trail and emptying trash cans

We have had our first snows of the season and have mostly salted the roads with some plowing. The sidewalks have been shoveled and calcium chloride was put down.

Ordinance Report: (Frank McCollum)

Mr. McCollum reported that recycling totals have been increasing each month during 2014.

Mr. Wills indicated, if citations need to be issued under new Ordinances that have not yet been codified that the Ordinance number must be placed on the citation as opposed to the section in the codebook and be sure the Judge has a copy of the ordinance cited.

Mr. Howell reported he is still working on obtaining proposals for the cost of codifying the Borough codebook.

Finance Report: Bill Howell)

Mr. Howell made a motion, seconded by Mr. McCollum, to accept the Treasurer’s Report as submitted; motion carried.

Mr. Howell made a motion, seconded by Mr. Stamis, to pay the bills when properly approved; motion carried.

Mr. Howell made a motion, seconded by Mr. McCollum, appointing Leitzell & Economidis, PC as the Auditor for 2015 for an amount of $7,000; motion carried.

Mr. Howell reported he is still looking into having the Borough Codebook redone. He has a few quotes and will follow up and report at the next Council Meeting.

Recreation Report: (Nick Capobianco)

Following are the winners of the 2014 Home Decorating Contest:
East Side: 1st place 237 East Roland Road
2nd place 160 East Chelton Road
3rd place 210 East Avon Road
West Side: 1st place 12 West Roland Road
2nd place 32 W. Roland Road
3rd place 118 West Elbon Road

Communications/Energy Conservation Report (Jason Stamis)

The new phone system is still being finalized.
A Newsletter will be coming out soon.
Mr. Stamis has met with Mr. Stone, Esq. (a Lawyer within the Borough) and he has
indicated he will work on the Parkside Small Business Committee with Mr. Stamis.

Tax Collector Report: (Ed Fisher)

Mr. Fisher turned over a total of $ 742,608.53 to date for the year 2014. So far for January 2015 he has collected $ 14,577.12.

Engineer Report: (Lisa Catania)

Ms. Catania reported that she submitted applications for CDBG; Edgmont Avenue lighting and Chelton Road drainage. Ms. Catania reported that she sent a video of the problem on West Chelton Road with the drainage (showing that it is coming from Brookhaven property) to Brookhaven Borough Council. To date she has not heard back from Brookhaven.

Ms. Catania had a meeting with Mr. Bull regarding DCNR and PECO Green Region Grants.

Ms. Catania hopes to have the design completed for electric work for Phase I CDBG for Edgmont Avenue lighting.

Ms. Catania received word that the 2013 final report was never received. It was mailed 1/27/15.

Solicitor Report: (Jay Wills)

Mr. Wills reported that the Borough recently received payment for a $9200 nuisance lien on 119 W. Chelton Road. Court costs and lawyers fees will be forthcoming.

Mr. Wills reported on the Police Pension Plan (2011-2013). The Borough was in compliance with everything but two issues and those issues have been addressed and everything is now in compliance.

Unfinished Business: None


New Business:

The Secretary informed Council there is a property at 3225 Tom Sweeney Drive that has applied for a Zoning Hearing. They want to put an addition onto the back of their house that does not comply with Borough Code setbacks. Mr. O’Connor (the Solicitor for the ZHB) is reviewing the request and will get back to the Secretary as soon as possible.

There being no further business, Mr. McCollum made a motion, seconded by Mr. Stamis, that the meeting adjourn; motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 7:38 p.m.