So.. why exactly is Montgomery County paying DUES to this UN backed organization named ICLEI? Why is ICLEI manipulating our local politicians to implement UN Agenda 21 "sustainable development" goals? If you think we still have a representative Constitutional government - you would be dead wrong. The UN has infiltrated about 600 of our cities to push their "sustainable development" socialist agenda. It undermines the relationship between the people and the local government through the creation of various "commissions" and "boards" of unelected, appointed people - who are meeting with agents of the UN (via ICLEI and other organizations) which are directing policy decisions covering land use and development, transportation development and funding, eminent domain issues, land and open space preservation.

ALL of it is pushing us toward UN Agenda 21 right under your nose! If you heard there were foreign agents from Russia meeting with your local politicians to plan the ultimate take down of the US - how would you feel? Well this is what is happening only it's not Russian spies - it is the UN and the socialist globalists!

Don't believe me?


Building Sustainable Cities
The movement from Local Agenda 21 to Local Action 21 ushers local governments from general sustainable development planning to working with local stakeholders address inter-related challenges to poverty and sustainability. ICLEI seeks to build Sustainable Communities and Cities by enabling local governments achieve justice, security, resilience, viable economies, and healthy environments. The four initiatives are: (a) Resilient Communities and Cities, (b) Just and Peaceful Communities, (c) Viable Local Economies, and (d) Eco-efficient Cities.

Five years since the Johannesburg Summit in 2002, ICLEI has made progress in modules development, tools assessment, promotions, and research. These are undertaken by the World Secretariat, in coordination with the International Training Centre.

Keep the Local Agenda/Local Action 21 Campaign moving. ICLEI invites investments in research, events and policy and program dialogues for modules development and deployment (e.g., pilot projects, distance training) on the four initiatives to build sustainable communities and cities.[/b]

North America City Membership List


Membership Application - who in Montgomery County filled this out do ya think?


Now look at the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission's "Connections 2035" "plan" - this "commission" is headed by none other than Democrat Joe Hoeffel


The plan in pdf document http://www.dvrpc.org/asp/pubs/publicationabstract.asp?pub_id=09047

Make sure you read the exciting part about preserving FIFTY PERCENT of Montgomery County's land for "open space".

Ever wonder why Montco tax revenue has not increased for the last 5 years? That is because the UN Agenda 21 "smart growth" - has limited growth and development so that no new taxable development could occur. How much land do YOU want preserved in Montco as "open space" and what if YOU wanted to buy a nice plot of land in Montco in the near future? Bottom line is - all the developed land that is currently owned will be all that developed and Montco is working very hard on buying up more and more "land" as it becomes available. That means most of our land in Montco will end up in government hands. Is that what YOU want?

Also - ICLEI working with our government officials is pushing them toward spending YOUR taxpayer dollars ONLY on projects that support UN Agenda 21

I am saying right here right now - that the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission has become an agent of the UN and they are actively working to take away YOUR property rights and implement radical "green" agendas for every Montco resident.

People need to start asking a LOT of questions about Montco's "membership" with an International UN backed 501c before its too late.

I can't seem to get any local newspapers to care about this issue - perhaps they are also bought and paid for.

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