Hello there,
I don't know whether you remember the case of Jared Klein this little boy who was murdered and buried here, well I am emailing to ask for your help, with Jared's law. Let me refresh you on the story,
Who is Jared?
Jared Klein is a wonderful 6 year old boy, who will be 6 forever. There was another side to Jared which touched everyone's heart who he came near and now even those thousands of miles away, he was a protector even from a young infantile age he was his protector towards his sister, he loved and cared for his mom and sister. He was his cousins protectors too anyone he could care for....... he would. He had been raised to know how to love which is a very rare gift any parent to give there children. Unfortunately one day he protected to his death. At just 6 years of age he took on a battle to protect the most important person in his world, he tried to protect his mom called Christina from his mum's ex boyfriend (knowing that he could never be good role model Christina had recently split with him and would not take him back)

Jared, Christina and Jared's younger sister were having a nice time at home, just getting over the excitement of Christmas day, Jared playing with his face gleaming because of the all the gifts he had got. When there was a knock at the door which happened to be her Ex (who is also the sperm of her daughter) reluctantly she let him in. They got into a row when "he" told Jared to go upstairs to go get a DVD so off Jared ran excited that his "dad" was there. Then he started beating Christina, Jared ran downstairs screaming please don't daddy so "daddy" punched him the face and strangled her and Jared, his own daughter woke up and saw everything, Christina was beaten unconscious, she woke up on her bed being raped. She kept asking where Jared was but "he" kept saying he was downstairs tied up in a closet, and that if she asked again he would kill him. Then he finished raping Christina and left. If this was not enough of an ordeal she went downstairs to find her son laying in a pool of his own blood, stabbed in the neck almost through to the other side, he had been beaten, strangled, suffocated and stabbed! Her baby was taken away from her just for protecting her. Jared continues protecting even whilst he was being murdered, his last words were to his little sister, Jared told her he loved her and not cry, he was okay and do not be scared. What an inspirational young man.

Jared's killer was not sentenced to the fullest extent of the law, and after being in prison for just 18 month there is a group whi are petitioning for his release, claiming he needs another chance!
Jared's Law is continue protecting the world just as Jared's would have done.

This is why we need your help:
I am chairman of a registered organization (Justice For The Innocent) which is petitioning for Jared’s Law this is demanding the implementation of mandatory sentencing in all crimes against children. Meaning that anyone who murders a child will receive a mandatory sentence of the maximum penalty in the state in which they are being tried, and all child abusers receive a mandatory life in prison, ensuring that none of these "animals" are ever released. We have now reached a crucial stage in the proposition, we need another 5000 signatures before we can continue onto the next stage, we have an online petition, but we have many paper petitions as this seems to be our most effective way. We need people to just sign either one. We are looking for people who are interested in holding the petition for their local communities, but most importantly to just click onto www.jareds-law.com and sign the petition. Jared’s Law would save some many lives and keep our streets so much for our children. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION, IT COSTS NOTHING TO SIGN, BUT IT COSTS LIVES IF YOU DO NOT. Please forward this on to all your friends and family. We need your help.
http://www.jareds-law.com to sign the petition