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Stinky Pete wrote:We all wear clothes too, but that doesn't mean I have to wear ones that don't fit me well.

Well then don't join that church!!

I doubt I would join the Covenant Fellowship myself, but I can at least appreciate the fact they go to church and worship Jesus every Sunday. We are living in a day and age where fewer and fewer people are attending church. Can we at least recognize the Covenant Fellowship for the fact that people at least ATTEND church service there?

You seem to be very caught up in the fact with WHERE people attend church. Not with whether or not they attend church at all. You also get caught up in how people INTERPRET the Bible, rather than realizing it a challenge just to get people to even pick up the Bible and READ it at all! Let alone interpret it!

I notice how some in these forums often attack the Bible calling it "fiction, myths, and fairytales". People like Norton defend the Bible. Yet, you spend all your energy trying to discredit people like Norton, rather than the people trying to discredit the Bible. People have come into these forums to trash the Catholic church, and Christianity in general. I try to defend, but you spend more of your time trying to discredit me rather than the people attacking Christianity or Catholicism.
You asked somebody what church they were talking about. I said I know a few like that. You asked me to name one. I ignored you. Paesano asked a third time, and finally I answered your question. And I'm the one concerned about where people attend church?
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By TeresaPes
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By HaroldNup
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