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By Phaedrus
OK, final four. Anybody still watching? I'm for Haley Reinhart. She was very good on Wednesday night. Unlike the judges (bunch of goofs) I thought that unreleased Lady Gaga tune was great and her version of House of the Rising Sun with the a capella opening was inspired. Studio versions available at itunes.
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By JuneCarter
I really liked Pia and kinda got ticked when she got voted off and didn't watch for a few weeks but Haley was on fire the other night. I think James or Scotty will end up winning though.
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By gypsysoul
Mad Maxx wrote:Top 2?...Casey and Pia

MM <---my two picks

Wrong and gone....haha

Hailey did really good on House of the Rising Sun, I like her voice, most times but I think James and Scotty are the final 2..

I almost think Scotty would do better as runner up, because of his AWESOME voice, he'll head straight to Nashville instead of having to be contracted to American Idol!! Placing bets now.... :lol: :lol:
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By Phaedrus
MM, you are such a conspiracy theorist. :)

I don't think it's fixed. Pia had a great voice, but she just wasn't singing the type of music that would gain votes. Plus her last performance was her worst. James and Scotty are singing popular material and that is why they are expected to win.