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Gingrich has a propensity to form organizations with high sounding fanciful names and sells people on contributing to those organizations on the basis of the completion and fulfillment of lofty ideas, much as what he had done with "Contract with America" where it promised to bring hot breath issues to the floor of congress, but actually enacted few of them with control of both houses..

One such organization founded by Newt was the "American Solutions" established in 2007 with just a handful of employees and centered on "Gingrich" immediate family. It published books and provided speakers to coonservative organizations.
However, after Newt decided to establish an exploratory committee to run for president last March The organization was dissolved as required by election law. Then the "American Solutions" had difficulty raising money. While it was active with Gingrich it raised $52 million but spent almost two-thirds of that on fundraising. For example, in 2011, governmental filings show during the 1st half of 2011, it raised $2.4 Million but spent $ .5 Million more than that.

"American Solutions" failed to pay its $16,000 rent on its offices on "K" street, failed to vacate them, return the keys to the facilities and failed to appear in court, and Superior Court Judge A. Franklin Burgess Jr. ruled against it and evicted American Solutions.

That's pretty much the way Gingrich has always been.

What would be different if he were president.
What scares me about Gingrich is when I heard him say that we needed to strengthen the patriot act. He stated that he realizes that there would be some individuals in government that would take advantage of the power but we would just have to make sure that didn't happen. When I hear that I hear bye-bye civil liberties.