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By norton
Could not believe that K Mart and Big Lots already have Christmas Trees and Decor displayed for sale. Talk about pushing the seasons. :)
By Phaedrus
Let's pretend there are no year-round Christmas stores and that organized people have not already started their Christmas shopping.
By Leginald
This topic gets made every year, but somehow people still can't believe when it happens next year.
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By eriknben10
Our family never really celebrated the commercial Christmas. You domesticated folks have at it :lol:
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By norton
Stinky Pete wrote:Don't blame them. If people didn't buy the stuff in October, the stores would stop putting it out so early.

Yes, probably true but,,,,,hey,,,it's a break from the political banter we are inundated with here. :D :wink:
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By stinger
Sears has their stuff up also.