Phaedrus wrote:And the men who had sex outside of marriage, what were they called, Norton?

We called um "dogs" where I come from. Just another group of animals.
Phaedrus wrote:Yes indeed. Sex is so dirty and animalistic. :roll

Wow, you have less wisdom and common sense then I gave you credit for. my mistake.
Sex is not dirty and when coupled within the marrage bond is clean, right, guilt free and a gift of the God who made us.
Even someone like you must, somehow, know of the guilt, unhappiness, and suffering that comes when a man or esp. a woman heads down the path of promiscuous sexual lifestyle. A single parent houshold that often is sponsored by the girls parents, or a marriage that includes no love or desire for the marrage often is a result. The list could go on.
Sex as well as all human activity must be done in the way that the God Who Is planned. Apart from that regret or worse is the outcome.
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Stinky Pete wrote:It is if you're doing it right. - Woody Allen

I'll 2nd that.
Phaedrus wrote:Yes indeed. Sex is so dirty and animalistic. :roll

Indeed it is outside the bonds of matrimony.
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