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By WilDeA
After the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14th, last year, President Obama attended the memorial service and stated that he would make proposals in January to reduce the incidence of such a tragedy for our nation.

Have you noticed that very few people who are in leadership positions in the Republican Party or who hold National offices have responded positively or even made suggestions as to alternative or additional ideas to reduce such tragedy. Yes, George H.W. Bush resigned from the NRA. Yes, Joe Scarborough spoke up and was incensed at the irresponsibility of fellow Republicans.

Are they slaves to the NRA finance committee?
Do they lack courage? ............................. or possess a modicum of morality?
Do you or they really believe the Army will come and take away their guns?
Is it they don't give a dang about children or innocents who are shot dead?
Will the Republicans ever win control of the government with such a policy of subservience to donors who are not citizens in their jurisdiction?

Lots of money matters, doesn't it?
Is their election to office really that important?

Could it be they just don't know how to tell what is the "right thing?."
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By eriknben10
Could it be they see it as tossing more funds to a worthless cause? There are more than enough deterrents on the books to keep honest folks from leaning toward a criminal carreer. As for the thugs, they don't care what the laws are to begin with. The mentally insane folks....well, you have most of the answers it seems. The blame game solves about as much as new laws.