I was one of the many "victims" of the tow job this morning at Bond Shopping Center during the Upper Darby School District Flea Market.

This morning, as we often do, my wife and I headed to Bond Shopping Center in Upper Darby, PA to do our food shopping. We saw that there was an Upper Darby Flea Market and headed up there before doing our shopping. Obviously we didn't want our food sitting in the car for 45 minutes, so we started at the market.

When we returned, our car was gone. The towing company who polices the area (Tow Squad) had taken our car (among MANY others) and left us stranded. When we called and explained to him that we were food shopping after the flea market, he claimed to have had someone stationed there taking photographs of us as we parked and as we shopped at the flea market. We eventually asked to see these photos and he refused to produce them.

When I went into the Dollar Store there, they knew all about it.

We called the towing company, and as we tried to explain, they became VERY rude and nasty. They basically said "Take us to court" and laughed. We had receipts from the Dollar Tree but that didn't matter.

This is odd, because as we pulled into the shopping center I noticed a man changing the towing warning signs from $200 to $250, so they upped the price just that morning. None of the signs even face where we parked. When I asked him why they were changing the signs, he rudely asked me if I knew how to read. It was quite rude. I have had to help many a student with reading.

Overall, we are quite upset by this event and the treatment we received. Yes, we realize that we parked there and crossed the street. I easily spent a few thousand dollars in that area per year, between Acme, the dollar store and Hallmark. But no longer. I will not be buying anything at that shopping center again, especially with the new Giant around the corner.

Maybe this is something that happens every day and isn't surprising, but while I was writing my state and local representatives, I figured I would post on here as well. This whole thing seems so wrong. We had to pay $250 without any real proof we were caught. I am a longtime shopper of Bond Shopping Center, and now will be boycotting the whole place. As I said, we were just one of MANY victims today. Yes, we parked in a parking lot and crossed the street. But we (used to) shop there all of the time and this seems extremely unfair.

The worst part is, today is my birthday. Terrible start to the day.
You do not have to take that! These tow truck drivers pull first and ask questions later. I seriously doubt that someone as stupid as that driver and the others that work for that outfit would have enough sense to take pictures. If he was that smart, he would know that he must be polite and professional because his reputation is important to future business.

Absolutely call or email your state rep. Margo Davidson! Here is her contact page.

I'm with you, they need to get the message that the tow company is killing business at the shopping center.
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